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  The lenses inside the microscope are made by Schott R Optical Glass imported from Germany. All lenses are multi-coated and anti-reflective, combining with infinity corrected optical system & brilliant apochromatic optics, which offers superb optical performanceincluding:

1. High Resolution
2. Real 3-Dimensional Precise Image Reproduction
3. Large Depth of Field
4. Wide Field of View 5. Good Contrast

Apochromatic optics design could correct the chromatic aberration of three types of colored light effectively. It ensures the reduction and saturation of image color and improves the resolution, contrast and view depth of image.  


6-step magnification provides larger magnifying range and more selection on magnification to meet the requirement of your practice, from lowest magnification for an overview of whole arch to high magnification for precise and close inspection and treatment.




    Orange Filer: UV-protection to prevent premature curing of composite 
  Green Filter: better recognition of blood vessels, e.g, in the root canals.


A new integrated Full HD video camera comes with the following features:
1. Sony 1/3 inch 3.0 mega-pixels HD CMOS senor
2. 1920 X 1080P & resolution up to 900 TV lines
3. HDMI output



The images from integrated video camera can be inputted into a monitor or a TV set directly or it can be inputted into a computer by image collection with USB adapter or stored into a hard disk recorder.

All ergonomic design and excellent maneuverability assure you can work with our microscope for long time precision operation comfortably. It would avoid or reduce your problems on the back and neck.


With hanging Counter balanced pantographic arms design and tension control adjustable connection arms, the optical head can be maneuvered easily at any position and stopped anywhere you wanted within its working range. All maneuvers can be done by one hand with a little force.



Brightness adjustment knob is just over the optical head. It is very convenient to adjust the brightness. Built-in orange filter and green filter. You can select the filters by a knob located at the back of optical head.

A special switch is fitted into the arm. The lamp will keep on when the optical head is moved within the normal working range and the lamp will turn off automatically when the optical head is moved out of the normal working range.






The balance of the microscope will be destroyed after attaching the accessories by beam splitter, especiallly attaching various camera adapters and/or assistant scope on one side of the microscope. The microscope with accessories tends to topple and fall. The maneuver feature of microscope becomes poor. With new balance 120 connection arm and balance support arm, you can adjust the balances of microscope after attaching camera adapters and/or assistant scope so that maneuver feature of microscope can be recovered. This arm offers ultra-smooth and perfect balance.
Modular design not only allows you to exchange binoculars (straight, 45 inclined, 0-180 inclinable) easily, but also allows you to upgrade your microscope easily with the desired accessories from our plenty of optional accessories at any time if you start off with standard model.
Ergonomic & Functional Extension Accessories
Alltion offers a lot of ergonomic, functional, extensional and optional accessories for you to upgrade your microscopes at any time.


2.Your microscope can be upgraded with assistant scope 


5. Pendulum Function by Angle Rotation Device is available.

The angle rotation device can perform pendulum function. It allows operator to remain his natural and straight posture while he is observing the patient with a certain angle. He can change the direction of the optical pod only, while keeping the binocular at its position. 

6. 45 Binocular Extender & 30 Binocular Extender with Built-in Beam Splitter With this function, the operators posture is more natural and straight. You are able to maneuver the microscope to a position that allows you to keep good, healthy posture while observing the patient. This improved posture can eliminate the back and neck pain.


All Alltion microscopes can be equipped with newly standard photos and video cameras as optional accessories. Please contact Alltion for latest technology whenever you like. 


E. We would be happy to consider customized camera adapters. F. As our beam splitter has two ports, you can connect two different cameras to the microscope at the same time.  



Either 45 inclined or 0-180 inclinable binocular head for Dental surgery or Straight binocular head for ENT surgery.
12.5x/18mm High Eye-point Wide-Field eyepieces
Range of Pupillary distance: 55mm to 75mm
Range of the Diopter of Eyepiece: +/- 7D
250mm apochromatic objective lens with fine focusing adjustment knob
Diameter of object field: 8.7mm to 78.3mm
Arms: First big arm, 500mm in length can be rotated 360 . Second small arm, 600mm in length with movement +/-300mm, can be rotated +/-150 . Third angled arm can be 3-D movement.
Height: 1750mm Base size: 610mm x 650mm
One 20W LED Illuminator.
Maximum Object Illumination: 50,000 Lux Min.
Built-in Orange filter and Green filter changed by a knob.
Power supply: 220V/50Hz or 110V/60Hz
Magnification: 6-step, Total magnification indicator 0.33=2.8x, 0.5=4.2x, 0.8=6.9x, 1.22=10.40x, 2=17x, 3=25.6X


Wall Mount System, Ceiling Mount System,Fixed Ground Mount System and a special 5-Star Small/Compact Base (Dia. 600mm) for floor stand are available besides standard mobile floor stand.


Item and specification subject to change,
Please contact Alltion for current production information.