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ASM-112BC 10X/20X 2-Step  Magnification Stereo Microscope

ASM-0745BS  Binocular Stereo Zoom Microscope  with table top clamp & handgrips
Microscope Characteristic
1. The microscope optical systems specific for high definition, high resolution, great depth of view, large field of view and long working distance ensure the operators working clearly and relaxing.
2. 10X/20X two-step magnification and 7X-45X stereo zoom magnification are available.  
   (Lower and higher magnification could be achieved by optional accessories)
3. Trinoculars are available on ASM-0745 microscope. CCD camera and SLR camera could be attached through optional accessories.
4. Special beam split design is adopted on ASM-0745T trinocular microscopes. When
 CCD camera or SLR camera is working, you could keep observing through two
eyepieces. It is unlike the most normal trinocular microscopes, nothing could be
seen in one eyepiece.
5. The professional design of C-shape base provides sufficient operation space for the technicians. There is NO base/object in the working area underneath the lens to disturb the operation, but the normal stereo microscopes do. Long-time work will not cause fatigue.
6. Pantograph arm with table top clamp employ random stop gas spring. It extends the operation range tremendously and is convenient for operation at any position and locks automatically.
7. The handgrips attached to pantograph arm with table top clamp are convenient for operation and moving the microscopes to any position.
8. The microscopes are equipped with protective lens for standard outfits in order to prevent the dust and/or the chippings caused by grinding floating in the environment after long-time work.
9. The 77 diodes LED ring light illuminator is supplied as optional accessories featuring with high brightness, low power consumption, longevity and offering easy work. Meanwhile the LED ring lights are equipped with protective cap as well to prevent the dust or the chippings caused by grinding flying into the LED ring lights after long-time work.

7X-45X stereo zoom microscope

 BC: Binocular, C-shape base

 BSŁş Binocular, pantograph arm with table top clamp with handgrips

BTC: Trinocular, C-shape base

 TS:Trinocular, pantograph arm with table top clamp with handgrips

 ASM-112BS Stereo Microscope & LED Ring Light
 112: 10X/20X two-step magnification
0745: 7X-45X stereo zoom




ASM-0745BC, ASM-0745TC, ASM-0745BS, ASM-0745TS

main body

Objective Magnification

1X, 2X


Total Magnification

10X, 20X


Zoom ratio



Working distance(mm)



Observation tube inclination


Eyepieces (10X)

Field of view: Śľ23mm

Interpupillary distance adjustment range


Diopter adjustment

Provided on left eyepiece tube only

Provided on both eyepiece tubes

Magnification adjustment

Magnification with both hand wheels in horizontal direction Rotating

Focusing for BC & TC models only

Rack-and-pinion drive on ball bearing guides, focusing range: 51mm

 77 Diodes LED Ring Light  
Optinal Accessories

1. SWF5X/23mm Eyepiece
2. SWF10X/23 Reticle Eyepiece (OCM10/100XŁŠ
3. WF20X/15mm Eyepiece
4. WF30X/9mm Eyepiece
5. Additional objective 0.37X
6. Additional objective 0.5X
7. Additional objective 0.7X
8. Additional objective 1.5X
9. 0.3X CCD Adapter
10. 0.5X CCD Adapter
11. 1X CCD Adapter
12. WR63HTW LED Ring Light
13. Dustcover