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AC-4000 Digital Coposcope with software


1. 22X optic magnification
2. 16x electronic magnification
3. LED coaxial illumination
4. Abundant image data base of case (up to 175 kinds), convenient for the doctors to make a comparative analysis.
5. Advanced image processing technology, can achieve the functions of making, calculating of areas, zooming images.
6. With the editing functions of accessing images, freezing, collecting and deleting images, etc.
7. Images can be full-screen displayed, collected continuously and displayed on the screen at the same time. It is convenient to contrast.
8. The reports can be printed into multiple formats.
9. Four languages for software, English, Spanish, Vietnamese and Chinese. Other languages might be available upon request.
1. Camera system: 1/4" color CCD, automatic focus
2. Resolution: 550 lines
3. Video resolution: 720x576
4. Frame / second: 25
5. Photo resolution: 720x576
6. Work distance of auto focus: 200-400mm
7. Work distance of manual focus: 150-450mm
8. Depth of field: 3.9 - 85.8mm
9. Total magnification: 16x for electronic magnification and 22x for optic magnification
10. Diameter of vision: 10-160mm
11. Angle of vision: 2.4-49.5
12. Light source type: white LED Ring Light
13. Brightness: >3000lm
14. Color temperature: 6500k
15. LED light source life: more than 50,000h
16. Filter : red, blue, green
17. White balance: auto / special / indoor / outdoor / manual / key control auto
18. No-stop run time: more the 8h
19. Stand type ( up - right and rocker ) : post stand & base with 5 wheels with lock
20. Stand size: base diameter 40cm, H58-95cm
21. Input voltage: 110-220 V, 50/60 Hz ( for LED light source )
22. Weight : 9.5 kgs
23. Colposcope system includes:
      Colposcope head with camera
      Post & rolling base with wheels
      Connecting device to the computer
      Software in English, Spanish, Vietnamese or Chinese
24. Optional accessories
      Assembled trolly
      AC & DC adapter for the colposcope to connect to the monitor ( TV set ) directly without computer
      Extemal image capture card for laptop
      USB converting adapter
1. Our software offers following function in total inspection
    1)    Course for displaying, freezing, capturing, deleting image, etc.
    2)    Methods of taking images and collecting 1-99 pieces of color images for every inspection.
    3)    Take images by foot switch and roll browse images.
    4)    It can be use in colposcope inspection and dynamic observation of operation trearment.
    5)    Unique acetic acid test timer function, real-time display of acetic iodine reaction testes.
    6)    It has white balance and green filter ( as Pic.1 )


2. The software has abundant 175 standard atlas, helpful to contrast , analyze and diagnose.
    Tree-like atlas list to find aim atlas quickly, can save special case atlas for subsequent use.
     ( as Pic.2 ) 

3. The software can mark on the pathological changes image,  add remark, measure the pathological
    change size, and magnify partially or totally   ( as Pic.3 )
4. It can input clinic symptom, clinic handling, diagnosis advice and so on. It can print 11 kinds of 
    image reports. RCI evaluation function.      ( as Pic.4 & 5 )

5. It offers many functions to the cases information, such as adding, deleting, editing, memorizing, reviewing
    and so on. It can be searched by case number, name, age, and date. It also support blurry search. It can
    display cases in image after search, edit the data, memorize, print, magnify the image and support
    rediagnosis.  ( as Pic.6 )
A small LCD display screen on the back of the head.


Items and specification subject to change,
please contact ALLTION for current product information