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Your Affordable Dental & ENT Microscope

Affordable Microscope to Meet Your Budget
All Tensions Adjustable
Innovation LED Stereo Illumination
Compact Design
Superb Optics
Straight Binocular, 45°„Inclined Binocular, 0-60 Inclinable Binocular,
0-180°„ Inclinable Binocular Available.
3-Step or 5-Step Magnification can be selected



  The lenses inside the microscope are made by Schott ® Optical Glass imported from Germany. All lenses are multi-coated and anti-reflective, combining with infinity corrected optical system & brilliant aprochromatic optics, which offers superb optical performance, including:
1. High resolution
2 . Real 3-Dimensional Precise Image Reproduction
3. Large Depth of field
4. Wide Field of View
5. Good Contrast
Apochromatic optics design could correct the chromatic aberration of three types of colored light effectively. It ensures the reduction and saturation of image color and improves the resolution, contrast and viea depth of image.  


Innovation Stereo Illumination System by Dual LED Lamps from different angles makes it possible to observe deep into the end of the root canal.
Bright and rather white LED light renders clearer and more vivid observation of 3-dimensional view of the objects and its rather soft illumination quality would give better impression even to the assistants.
Yellow LED light is optional.

LED illuminator not only avoids the trouble of changing bulbs, but also saves your cost for the spare bulbs & electric charge.
Modular Design offers you most selections for models and accessories. 3-step and 5-step Magnifications, 45°„ Inclined Binocular, 0-60 Inclinable Binocular, 0-180°„ Inclinable Binocular & Straight Binocular can be selected. You have most selections for matching your budget. Other ergonomic, functional, extensional and documentation accessories can be upgraded at any time if you start off with standard model.

Magnification List of AM-P8300 ( 3-Step Magnification Models )
Objective lenses 200mm, 300mm, 350mm, 400mm and their magnifications available upon request
Magnification List of AM-P8500 ( 5-Step Magnification Models ) 

Objective lenses 200mm, 300mm, 350mm, 400mm and their magnifications available upon request

All ergonomic design and excellent maneuverability assure you can work with our microscope for long time precision operation comfortably. It would avoid or reduce your problems on the back and neck.
Continually Adjustable Eyecup in eyepiece is suitable for you with or without eyeglasses
Diopter Adjustable & Lockable of Eyepiece: +/- 6D
Pupillary distance Adjustable: 50mm to 75mm
0-60°„ and 0-180°„ inclinable binocular allows you to keep good, healthy posture while observing the patient during daily practice.
With 0-60°„ Inclinable Binocular, 0-180°„ Inclinable Binocular, Ergonomic Angle Rotation Device or Extension Angle Rotation Device and inclined head£¨the operator`s posture is more natural and straight. You are able to maneuver the microscope to a position that allows you to keep good, healthy posture while observing the patient. This improved posture can eliminate the back and neck pain.


Almost all controlling functions are integrated inside the microscope body, such as brightness adjustment knob, fine focusing lever, orange filer lever, stereo illumination selection knob, etc. You can control all these functions easily and conveniently.


With hanging Counter£≠balanced pantographic arms design and all joints of microscopes damping adjusted by yourself, you can adjust the damping to what you like according to your practice. The microscope head can be easily moved to the position you wanted and can be stopped by the force you like.



All alltion microscopes can be equipped with newly standard photos and video cameras.



Compact design with smallest size base is suitable for almost all working situation. especially in a smallest space. It saves your clinic Space. The arms can be folded down for saving space, too.




 12.5x/18mm High Eye-point Wide-Field eyepieces with diopter locks & integrated eye-point
height adjustable eyecups. Eyepiece diameter is big enough with its clear and bright lens
 250mm objective lens with fine focusing adjustment
 The range of the Diopter of Eyepiece: +/- 6D
 250mm objective lens with fine focusing adjustment
 The range of pupillary distance: 50mm to 75mm
 3-Step Magnifications (3.2x, 8x, 20x), 5-Step Magnifications (3.2x, 5x, 8x, 12.7x, 20x)
with standard 12.5x eyepiece & 250mm objective lens

 Observation field from 42mm to 16mm for 3-Step, from 65mm to 10mm for 5-Step
 Optional magnification are available by combining eyepiece 10x, 16x or 20x & objective
Lens 200mm, 300mm, 350mm or 400mm with fine focusing lever.
 Infinity corrected optical system / coaxial illumination
 Dual LED illumination from +/- 4°„ froms stereo illumination
 Object Brightness: 45,000.00 Lx Min
 Manual focusing control with adjustable Focus Range of 11mm
 Counterbalanced pantographic arm
 Easily maneuverable optical head with tension control knobs and 2 handles
 Microscope body can be rotated 360°„ when casters are fixed
 The small base must be better to meet small space requirement of clinics
1. Eyepiece 10x, 16x or 20x
2. Objective Lens 200mm, 300mm, 350mm or 400mm with fine focusing lever.
3. Beam Splitter compatible to Carl Zeiss PICO (80%:20% or 50%:50%)
4. Video Camera Adapter
5. DSLR Camera Adapter
6. Angle Rotation Device compatible to Carl Zeiss PICO
7. Support System: Floor Stand, Table Top Mount Bracket,
                              Wall Mount Bracket or Ceiling Mount Bracket

Items and specification subject to change,
please contact ALLTION for current products information